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Alfit is a new sportswear brand chain in India, devoted to bring its clients fun, affordable and quality athleisure clothing. We worked with Alfit in the early stage of its brand development and packaging design.






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Packaging Design

When Alfit first approached us during their early stage, we were absolutely thrilled and honored to be part of their exciting journey in the fitness sector, with a specific focus on targeting young Indians. From the very beginning, it was evident that Alfit's brand vision was all about forging a deep connection with the youth and inspiring them to embrace a fitter lifestyle, contributing to a healthier and happier India.

We understood the significance of creating a packaging design that not only represented the brand's ethos but also resonated with the young Indian audience. It was a journey of exploration and innovation, where we delved into the brand's core values, philosophy, and aspirations to ensure our design would capture the essence of Alfit and its mission.

One of the key elements we incorporated into the packaging was their unique logo mark – a playful and creative take on the concept of infinity. We found this mark to be a brilliant symbol of endless possibilities and growth, aligning perfectly with Alfit's vision of a journey towards continuous self-improvement. To create a visually captivating packaging, we used this logo mark as the foundation for a refreshing and dynamic pattern, infusing the design with a sense of movement and vitality.


Choosing the right colours for the packaging was imperative since wanted to evoke a sense of excitement and enthusiasm while also highlighting the brand's fun and youthful personality. Vibrant and energetic hues were carefully selected to amplify the impact of the design, making it stand out on the shelves and catch the attention of potential customers. The final result was a striking visual identity that not only reflected Alfit's brand values but also had the power to inspire people to embark on their fitness journey with passion and dedication.

Throughout the design process, we constantly collaborated with Alfit, ensuring that the packaging design remained true to their vision. It was a true partnership, and we feel immensely proud to have contributed our creative skills to help Alfit achieve its mission.


As the packaging design took shape, we couldn't help but be excited about the potential impact it could have on the target audience. We firmly believed that the packaging would serve as a powerful motivator for young Indians to embrace fitness as an essential part of their lives. We wanted the packaging to be more than just a vessel for the product; it had to be a source of inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment.

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