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Jar of Love

Jar of Love brings people closer to cultures from across the world through food. In this project, we’ve had the pleasure to develop a visual system that communicates JoL's core values: transparency, clarity, authenticity and 100% great purchase experience.


Jar of Love




Food & Beverage

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Brand Identity

Brand Visualisation

Visual Design
Packaging Design

Jar of Love (JoL) is an inspiring venture that began as a humble home business, driven by an Sushila Goenkas's passion for sharing her love for food with her relatives.


Today, it has grown into a thriving enterprise specializing in crafting delicious and healthy food products, particularly fresh dips and dry snacks like granola.


In this project, we had the opportunity to collaborate closely with Jar of Love to develop a comprehensive visual system that not only embodies the company's core values but also celebrates its rich history and cultural roots. Our work included brand naming, logo design, extensive research, business strategy, identity development, and packaging design.

Understanding the Roots: We began the project by delving into the heart of Jar of Love's origin story. Through interviews and conversations with the founders, including the elderly lady who started it all, we gained insights into the company's heritage, its passion for preserving cultural food traditions, and its commitment to sharing love through food.

Defining Core Values: Transparency, clarity, authenticity, and delivering an outstanding purchase experience were identified as JoL's core values. These principles served as the guiding light for the entire project, shaping every aspect of our creative decisions.

Brand Naming: Inspired by the central idea of preserving love in a jar, we brainstormed and refined potential names until "Jar of Love" emerged as the perfect representation of the brand's essence.

Research and Cultural Exploration: To create a visual system that genuinely reflects cultural diversity, we embarked on a captivating journey of researching and understanding various cuisines, ingredients, and culinary traditions from around the world. This process not only inspired the packaging design but also infused authenticity into every aspect of the brand's identity.

Business Strategy: Understanding JoL's target audience and market positioning was crucial for its growth. We collaborated with the company's team to develop a comprehensive business strategy that aligned with their vision and aspirations.

Identity Development: Building on the logo's foundation, we crafted a cohesive brand identity that included a color palette inspired by vibrant global spices, fonts that strike a balance between modern and timeless, and design elements that evoke feelings of warmth, love, and togetherness.

Packaging Design: With a clear understanding of JoL's products, we created packaging that not only protected the food but also served as a visual storytelling medium. Each package showcases the cultural origins of the food inside, along with heartwarming anecdotes from the old lady's kitchen.

Working with Jar of Love was a heartwarming and enriching experience. Through a meticulous and collaborative process, we succeeded in developing a visual system that embodies the brand's core values of transparency, clarity, authenticity, and delivering an exceptional purchase experience. Jar of Love now stands as a symbol of culinary diversity, cultural appreciation, and, most importantly, the power of love and food to bring people closer together, no matter where they are in the world.

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