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The Wedding Post

The Wedding Post is a wedding social media design company that works for the brides of today to take their wedding to the world as it happens and create viral social media videos. We worked with The Wedding Post to create a full visual identity that will communicate their unique story.


The Wedding Post




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Visual Design

The Wedding Post, started as a thrilling journey to elevate the grandeur of modern brides and inspire others to dream bigger while using their wedding as a stepping stone in both their personal life and their career.


Our mission was to create an experience that not only made every wedding feel dreamy and celebrity-like but also left an indelible mark, making each event the talk of the town.

Brand Naming and Identity: With a vision to emulate the charm of big fat Indian weddings, we set out to create a brand that exuded fun, exuberance, and elegance. The name "The Wedding Post" was carefully chosen to signify a platform that would showcase the splendor and majesty of weddings while becoming the go-to source for brides worldwide.


Our brand identity was rooted in earthy tones, symbolizing the connection with nature and the essence of everlasting love. The use of natural elements like plants and dried flowers conveyed a sense of authenticity and timelessness, while the incorporation of wedding colors and elements like the genda phool in the logo added a touch of tradition and cultural richness. The choice of an elegant and classy yet fun font perfectly balanced modernity with sophistication.

Research and Understanding: We delved deep into the desires and aspirations of today's brides, recognising their yearning for a perfect blend of class, sophistication, and tradition. Understanding their dreams became the cornerstone of our project.

Mood boarding: We meticulously curated mood boards, combining earthy tones with elements that represented nature and the inherent beauty of love. These mood boards guided our creative direction, setting the stage for an awe-inspiring visual experience.


Brand Conceptualization: We brought the essence of big fat Indian weddings to life, shaping a brand that celebrated joy, abundance, and togetherness. The aim was to make every bride feel like a celebrity on her special day.


Brand Identity: The genda phool, a delicate and vibrant flower that holds deep cultural significance in every Indian wedding, was seamlessly integrated into the logo. This simple yet impactful choice instantly connected the brand to weddings and traditions.

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