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We Are Pink Whale

We’re a brand strategy & design studio based out of Bombay.

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Welcome to our home, where passion meets purpose and brands find their voice. With a vision to establish global brands in India, Vedant and Aashi founded Pink Whale. Our mission is to collaborate with passionate brand leaders and the industry's finest creative minds, propelling the growth of exceptional brands.

We are more than just a team of experts in brand strategy, captivating design, and social media mastery. We are storytellers, dream weavers, and guardians of authenticity.


We believe that every brand has a soul, a unique essence waiting to be discovered and shared with the world. We dig deep, uncovering the core values and aspirations that make your brand truly special. It's through this profound understanding that we create designs that not only captivate the eyes but also touch the hearts of your audience.

We understand the transformative power of storytelling. With meticulous attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we ensure that every element we design tells a meaningful story and evokes a genuine response.

We also recognize the immense influence of social media in shaping brands and building communities. We help you harness the power of these platforms, breathing life into your brand's digital presence. We forge authentic connections, sparking conversations, and nurturing a loyal following that becomes an extension of your brand's family.

The People of Pink Whale.

Aashi Khaitan

Business & Marketing Director

Aashi, formally trained in strategic design and management, envisioned establishing her own studio while studying at the Indian School of Design & Innovation in Mumbai. Her belief is rooted in designing with intention, going beyond superficial aesthetics to solve problems with a clear rationale. In 2022, Aashi launched Pink Whale with a simple yet powerful concept: good design emerges from mindful and intentional thinking before action. Her vision is to raise the standards of design in India, introducing global professionalism and emphasizing its importance in business strategies. Education plays a crucial role as she aims to enlighten decision-makers about the value of design, positioning it at the core of their strategic endeavors. Recognizing the significance of work-life balance, Aashi prioritizes her team's well-being, encouraging them to have a fulfilling life outside of work. She believes that personal time should not be a rare luxury, promoting a healthy work environment that avoids burnout. Nurturing talent in India is vital to her, ensuring that it thrives without sacrificing a balanced lifestyle. To maintain inspiration, Pink Whale selectively curates projects and collaborates with businesses that excite the team. Aashi's passion for travel and storytelling led her to create content alongside her husband, Vedant, under the name "Roll Me A Ticket," sharing their experiences across social media platforms. With an impressive portfolio of 10+ clients in just a year, Aashi remains fiercely focused on elevating the quality and value of design in India. Her unwavering dedication drives her mission to transform the design landscape, leaving a lasting impact for generations to come.

Aashi Khaitan | Founder of Pink Whale
Vedant Agarwal | Founder of Pink Whale

Vedant Agarwal

Creative Director

Meet Vedant, a visionary of many talents! He's not your average Joe but a strategic designer, creative thinker, real estate consultant, photographer, artist, and even a travel content creator. With Pink Whale, Vedant and his partner-in-crime, Aashi, set sail on a thrilling adventure fueled by their passion for outstanding design and a burning desire to have an absolute blast building brands. Vedant lives by a simple yet profound ideology: a man should have five essential things while running a business. Picture this: something you're trained to do, something that brings you sheer joy, something that fills your pockets, something that expands your knowledge, and of course, something you excel at. Believe it or not, Pink Whale effortlessly checks off all these boxes, making it the ultimate dream come true for Vedant. But hold on, Vedant knows there's more to life than just work! He's a true wanderlust at heart, craving adventures and exotic destinations. From hopping on planes to embracing nomadic lifestyles, Vedant believes in soaking up the world's wonders while working on-the-go. And guess what? His passion for travel seamlessly blends with his love for audio-visual storytelling. Joining forces with his better half, Aashi, they embark on a social media journey under the name "Roll Me A Ticket," where they weave captivating tales and share their globetrotting escapades. With over 10 projects under his belt in just a blink of an eye, Vedant has his sights set on revolutionizing design for Indian brands with a global twist. He's like a design wizard sprinkling his creative magic to uplift these brands and make them shine like never before. So buckle up and get ready for an exhilarating ride filled with innovation, laughter, and extraordinary designs that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

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