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Selene is a jewellery brand for the modern Indian who wants smart, yet affordable luxury for daily wear. The name Selene means the Greek Goddess of Moon, therefore the brand wanted to have a very specifically unique identity. We worked with them since their inception to create their brand identity and the perfect visual solution to wear their needs.







Type of Work

Brand Strategy

Brand Visual Identity

Packaging Design

Our mission was to create a brand strategy and design elements that would resonate with the modern young woman seeking affordable luxury jewellery with an urban chic edge. This project demanded a deep understanding of the target audience, a keen eye for aesthetics, and a collaborative approach to transform Selene into a prominent name in the industry.

Research and Discovery: The journey began with extensive research into the target market - the modern young woman who aspired to own luxury jewellery but didn't want to compromise on affordability. Understanding her preferences, lifestyle, and aspirations helped us uncover valuable insights that would guide our design process.

Brand Strategy: The core of our work involved developing a compelling brand strategy that would differentiate Selene from its competitors. We crafted a unique brand proposition that focused on delivering attainable luxury with a contemporary flair. Selene would become synonymous with empowering women to express their individuality and confidence through stylish jewellery pieces.

Moodboard and Identity: Visualizing the brand's essence was vital in establishing a consistent and cohesive identity. Our team created a moodboard that captured the spirit of modern urban living, blending luxury with a hint of edginess. It combined elements of cityscapes, minimalist aesthetics, and subtle luxury cues to evoke a sense of aspirational urban chic.

Logo Design: The logo was the keystone of Selene's identity. After numerous iterations and brainstorming sessions, we crafted a visually striking and versatile logo. The design embodied the grace of a crescent moon (Selene being the ancient Greek goddess of the moon) intertwined with clean, contemporary typography. The logo conveyed sophistication and elegance while staying true to the brand's urban edge.

Packaging Design: Packaging played a pivotal role in enhancing the unboxing experience and leaving a lasting impression on the customer. Our packaging design sought to embody the essence of Selene's brand identity. It featured a minimalist design with premium materials, reflecting the balance between luxury and affordability. Each piece of jewellery was encased in an elegant box, adorned with the iconic Selene logo, offering an experience akin to opening a treasured gift.

The journey of crafting the brand strategy, logo, moodboard, identity, typography, and packaging design for Selene was a labor of love. Collaborating with a jewellery brand that aspired to make luxury accessible to the modern young woman with an urban chic edge pushed us to create something truly exceptional. Selene's brand now stands proudly as a symbol of empowerment, style, and affordable luxury, capturing the hearts of the modern woman across the urban landscape.

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